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What Grows When?

Feb 14, 2023

 Have you ever tried to grow something but it just didn’t thrive? There could be many reasons for the failure but one of them and one that's easily avoided is growing things at the wrong time.

When to plant these things exactly totally depends on your climate. To help you to differentiate between veggies that like cool weather and veggies that like warmer weather I just separated the veggie list into two seasons. This is purely to distinguish what grows well in what kind of weather.

Some of these veggies like (beetroots & carrots for example) can grow throughout the year, depending on how mild your climate is. A lot of these veggies also cross over in the shoulder periods of the season. For me this is Spring and Autumn. At these times I often have both warm weather veggies and cool weather veggies on the go at the same time. For example in Spring I may have planted my summer veggies, but will also be harvesting the last of the winter veggies. The same applies in Autumn. Often I am harvesting the last of the summer veggies, but have the winter veggies planted.

Again, your exact times for starting these will totally depend on not only your climate and where you live, but also the weather in general! For example this year I planted my spring veggies a whole month later than the year before because it was much colder this year.

Anyway, I hope you find this simple list helpful in some way.

Warm Weather grow list (i grow through spring and summer)

- Tomatoes

- Cucumber

- Capsicum

- Beans

- Melons

- Zucchini

- Eggplants

- Basil

- Chilli

- Pumpkins

- Corn

- Strawberries

- Sweet Potato 


Cool Weather grow list (i grow through autumn and winter)

- Celery

- Broccoli

- Cauliflower

- Cabbage

- Beetroots

- Broadbeans 

- Snowpeas

- Radish

- Carrots

- Lettuce

- Rocket

- Garlic

- Asian Greens

I hope this little list inspires you to give some of these a try if you haven't already! 

Happy Gardening,