About In My Patch


I’m Sarah, welcome to my website. I'm excited you are here because it means you are interested in growing some food! Incase you haven't stopped by from my social media pages. I am on a mission to make growing food easy for everyone and I have a passion for helping and inspiring people to grow food at home.  

In My Patch was created over 5 years ago, starting from just a passion to inspire people on my weekends (or after work) by sharing garden and produce photos on instagram. Fast forward to today, In My Patch now reaches over 400,000 people across various social media channels, has helped thousands of people to grow and has students all around the world learning to grow food with more ease and success! 

Happy Gardening 

Sarah x 

P.S my Grow Your Patch Academy is currently open for enrolments for a limited time get in quick to secure your spot. 


Grow Your Patch Academy 

The #1 Program to Grow Amazing Food

Learn Sarah's entire growing method this growing season inside the Grow Your Patch Academy. The academy is the ultimate online course for anyone wanting to grow food.

✓ All In One Platform. Join me in your garden via the mobile app, phone, tablet or laptop where you can access 75+ training videos walking you through my growing method week by week month by month making it easy for you to grow beautiful food.

✓ Size Is No Barrier. Whether you have a backyard, front yard, courtyard or verandah, you can and will grow food minus the overwhelm. 

✓ Eat Healthier. The variety, the freshness and of course the taste! You too will be enjoying the freshest food available to you on the planet, your own. 

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