Growing Food Made Easy

Uncomplicated, step by step guidance, to get you growing food, the fun way. 

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Growing Food Made Easy

 Learning to grow has never been easier!

Grow Your Patch Academy

Grow with Sarah inside the Academy!

The #1 program for beginners

Imagine if growing food was easier & less complicated. Imagine being able to "shop" at home no matter your space! Imagine no further... this could be the reality for you. 

Learn Sarah's entire growing method inside the Grow Your Patch Academy. The academy is the ultimate online program that helps beginners grow their own food. 


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Join over 1,000 beginner gardeners now growing amazing food

Tomatoes grown by Jess 
It's 11/10 from me! 

"Sarah breaks down growing food into uncomplicated steps for beginners to successfully grow fresh veggies!"

Harvest basket grown by Aimee 
In depth guidance and so much fun!

"I have learnt so much and gotten so much more confident in the garden!"

Delicious corn grown by Bridget 
Awesome Course 

"I HIGHLY recommend this course. As stated in the title a big thumbs up from me." 

Lisa's Transformation

"As a beginner vegetable gardener, I'd borrowed a steady stream of books from our local library and watched countless episodes of Gardening Australia to try to learn as much as I could about growing my own organic vegetables at home...Despite all this, I still couldn't master how to do it... until now..." Lisa



Jonalyn's Transformation

"It's a Game changer!  The biggest game changer for me when it comes to growing my own vegetables. I have not been disappointed. I have learnt so much, from the importance of the garden bed positioning, soil, maintenance through the season, right through to pest control. These lessons I will always have with me season after season. Thank you Sarah! - Jonalyn 



Grow With In My Patch

The #1 Program to learn to grow food


✓ Easy Peasy!  Join me via the App available on your mobile, tablet or laptop where you can access the program. Learn my growing method week by week month by month making it easy for you to grow beautiful food.

✓ A Small Space Is No Barrier. Whether you have a backyard, front yard, courtyard or verandah, you too can grow food minus the overwhelm. Gain access to Sarahs secret "courtyard garden" where she teaches you step by step how to grow in a small space. 

✓ The best quality food. You too will be enjoying the freshest food available to you on the planet, your own! You'll learn how to grow food from seed, giving you access to thousands of different varieties, not available at the shops!

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