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Hi, I'm Sarah! 

I help you grow fresh food without all the failures - In less time! 



Hi, I'm Sarah! I help you grow fresh food, without all the failures - in less time.


Do you answer YES to any of these?


✔️ You’ve tried to grow food a number of times but cant seem to grow much?


✔️ Your plants look sickly and dont produce much food ?


✔️ You are confused by all the conflicting information, you’ve read the books, watched the videos but still cant master it?


✔️ You’re new to growing food and unsure where to even start?

Grow food first go!

My simple no fuss approach to starting & growing a vegetable garden changes the lives of those who want to be eating their own fresh, better quality food.  Those who have tried it all, failed & nearly want to give up on the dream of eating vibrant, healthy fresh food.

Start growing more, without all the fails - In less time!

Grow Your Patch Student Gardens

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Grow Your Patch

Go from having sickly plants & sad harvests to someone who grows healthy loaded plants and picks enough food to share with others!

Feel joy in your thriving veggie garden, whether it be a courtyard, front yard, you grow in pots or have a garden like mine.

Enjoy eating the freshest, best tasting food on the planet - without having to spend years trying.

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