Grow Your Patch

A Master Class Created For The Beginner Gardener 

Program Overview

Sarah shares her growing secrets which she has accumulated over six years of practice in her own garden. You will be learning her entire growing process giving you the knowledge you need to grow as she does.  The course focuses on the beginner gardener and teaches you how to grow food minus the overwhelm.  

In this program you will feel like you are hanging out with Sarah in the garden as she shares with you every step she takes to grow food from beginning to end, with her easy & fun approach.   

This program is completely self-paced and you will have full access for the lifetime of the program.

Course Starts

Today! Get instant access to your online course content once payment has been made. 

Time Required

Just one hour per week to learn and just two hours per week to grow once your garden is set.  

Skills Gained 

Start a vegetable garden, master your growing skills & harvest your own food, whilst having fun along the way! 

Suitable For 

Beginner gardeners wanting to grow food! In small or large spaces. If you have tried but not had much luck 

A Growing Experience Like No Other 

"I can gift you fresh veggies & feed you for the week or I can teach you how to grow veggies & feed you for a lifetime" Sarah Rani 

Let me teach you everything I know about growing food transforming you from Garden Moron (I was one too) to Garden Genius. Immerse yourself in my unique growing process and leave the course with life time knowledge and the skills to thrive in your garden!

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All The Skills You Need To Build A Successful Veggie Garden

During this six month online course, learn the full set of growing and garden skills that Sarah uses to grow amazing food. This course is perfect for the beginner gardener and will take your growing skills to the next level. 

Checkout whats included below!

Choose The Right Location 

I teach you how to choose the best spot for your garden to avoid location disasters! You will also learn my suggestions for garden layout and design. 

Soil & Bed Set Up 

Soil is the secret sauce for the garden. You will learn my bed setup process, how to create healthy soil, how it needs to drain so your plants will thrive! 

Seed Starting & Seedling Care 

You will learn my system for caring & starting seeds. Learn all my seedling secrets! 

Planting & Spacing

Learn my secrets on how to lay your garden out. I will teach you how to space your garden out to fit the maximum amount of food! 

Dealing With Pests

Learn exactly how I deal with the many pests in my garden so that your plants have the best chance of success! Its not as complicated as most make out! 

Managing Diseases 

I will show you how to check and identify disease in your garden and you will learn exactly how I deal with it for maximum plant health.  

Consecutive Planting

You will learn how I ensure I have a good supply of food by getting the inside knowledge of how you can plant smarter. 

Adding Vertical Space 

Learn how I go about setting up a vertical space saving space in my garden, fitting in more food in a small space! 

Maintaining Your Plants 

I’ll show you exactly how to care for your plants to help them thrive and give you maximum food!

Feeding Your Plants

You will learn how often and how to fertilise your garden helping you to grow amazing food! Not all plants need the same care you will learn just what they need. 

Growing In Small Spaces & Pots

I show you how to setup a courtyard or grow in pots! Learn space saving tips and considerations for growing in pots so you can grow no matter your space 

Harvesting Hero 

You will learn how and when to harvest your food, so you don't make the mistake of picking your food too early or to late. Harvesting your food at the right time means it tastes better! 

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Sarah Shares Her Secrets! 

A self taught gardener, wine lover & the queen of having a good time, join Sarah & her old naughty pug pig as she takes you from Garden Moron to Garden Genius with Grow Your Patch the online course for the beginner gardener to get you growing amazing veggies. If you have come across this page you have no doubt seen Sarah making gardening & growing food fun on Instagram and TikTok. She has simplified difficult gardening/growing techniques to help the beginner gardener start growing food and makes growing food fun. Sarah will teach you all her tips and tricks that she has learnt along the way saving you time and money. 


Student Transformations

How "Grow Your Patch" Transformed Lisa's Garden 

"As a beginner vegetable gardener, I'd borrowed a steady stream of books from our local library and watched countless episodes of Gardening Australia to try to learn as much as I could about growing my own organic vegetables at home... Despite all this, I still couldn't master how to do it… until now. I'm twelve weeks into Sarah's Grow Your Patch course and I've learned SO much more in the process. As the mother of a toddler, I don't have hours and hours to spend in the garden but Sarah's course has taught me that I don't need to! Her month by month approach explains all the practical steps of planting, maintaining and harvesting organic vegetables at home. The content is broken down into small, manageable chunks that I can easily fit into my busy week! The transformation of my small garden during this time has been amazing! I have increased the harvest from my small beds, I've learned how to manage pest and disease as they arise, and I've implemented planting techniques and so much more to ensure that I have a continuous supply of fresh, organic vegetables from my garden during the season. The online community for Grow Your Patch is friendly and supportive. And if you have any questions, Sarah is there with you every step of the way to answer questions and provide feedback about your patch. Whether you're starting out on your gardening journey or need some practical help to improve your existing garden I couldn't think of a better gift!"

"Literally Everything You Need To Know" - Kacey

"I cant believe I grow all this food now. Real every day know how with out all the sciencey mumbo jumbo"

"Got A Pot? Got A Garden?" - Jonalyn

"Sarah's course is step by step and fool proof to get you growing food in your front garden, backyard, patio, courtyard or verandah" 

The Gift of Growing  

To celebrate the start of 2022 and to help you grow.  I am offering you a massive $200 off my course for a short time only. The count down is on! No coupon codes needed as the discount is automatically applied at the checkout.  









Let's Get YOU Growing!

What you are getting:
  • CONFIDENCE & KNOWLEDGE that lasts a lifetime.
  • PROCESS you get clear step by step details each week on what you need to do in your garden.
  • FAST TRACK SUCCESS learn my secrets to growing food you'll be learning 5 years of my knowledge in 5 months.
  • VISUALS you get to see my garden grow along side yours each week making it easier to learn.
  • COMMUNITY join Sarah's exclusive growing community on her private Facebook Group where Sarah goes live each week.
  • LIFE TIME ACCESS to your course content for as long as the course exists and you can watch it as many times as you like.



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All your questions answered!

Frequently Asked Questions

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