Grow Your Patch 

My signature online course has helped 100's of people all over the world grow food successfully for the first time and helped many more who have tried and failed. Growing food is hard, which is why I put this course together. To make it easy for you. Grow Your Patch is one of the most comprehensive and detailed courses on the market. I make no apologies for this. It takes time to grow food there are no shortcuts, food needs to grow and food is seasonal. Which why I will show you how to grow food in a season, from start to finish.

So if you are ready to say goodbye to store brought veggies and hello to shopping in your garden I would love to see you inside Grow Your Patch. Happy Gardening Sarah Rani x 

A Game-Changer!

"Sarah's course is step by step and fool proof to get you growing food in your front garden, backyard, patio, courtyard or verandah" - Jonalyn


Literally Everything You Need To Know

"I cant believe I grow all this food now. “I used to give up on things so easily in the garden. By throwing away rigid gardening rules I used to get frustrated by, I now have the knowledge that allows me to be “successful” in the garden but also relaxed” - Kacey 

Massively improved our harvests!

"By joining the Grow Your Patch Academy it has massively helped me to improve the quality and the quantity of our harvests! Not only does it bring our whole family joy but I also know that we are enjoying fresh, spray free, nutritious food that we have all helped to grow." - Brooke


Now I'm living my dream!

"Before starting with Sarah in the academy I was battling every day in the garden. I was close to giving up! Now I'm living my dream of being able to wander into the garden and come back with lunch in my hand. Even my family have started to eat food they previously didn't like because it tastes so good!” - Shannon  

Do you answer YES to any of these? 

1. You have more garden fails than wins, feel frustrated with your garden.

2. You find you just can't grow much food on the plants you have or your plants are always sickly

3. You have NEVER grown food before but you want to or You feel confused or overwhelmed with how to start?

4. You are in a smaller space and can't seem to fit much in?

If you answered yes to any of those...then don't worry YOU are who I help!


Grow with ease & confidence inside my signature program

I get you! I found trying to learn to grow food confusing when I started 7 years ago.

But I have now created a method that helps total newbies grow food all over the world.

I help people who have been trying to grow food for years with little success. Ive created a program so you don’t have to spend hours in the garden each day. You dont have to waste time trawling the internet or watching length YouTubes.

My program is easy to follow and helps you to grow food in just ONE season! 

Just like these guys 👇



Incredible Food Grown By Beginners!



What you'll get

  • An easy no fuss, fun approach to growing food
  • The skills and knowledge you need to start and growing a veggie garden 
  • An easy-to-follow program - with easy digestable lessons you can action in your garden.
  • All Sarah's secrets in how she grows her food 
  • Access to Sarah and her community
  • The knowledge, strategies and methods to grow food with more success


Grow Your Patch Transformations 

Jonalyn's Transformation

“ The biggest game changer for me when it comes to growing my own vegetables. I have not been disappointed. I have learnt so much, from the importance of garden bed positioning, soil, maintenance through the season through to pest control. These lessons I will always have with me season after season. Thank you Sarah" - Jonalyn - NSW

Lisa's Transformation

"As a beginner vegetable gardener, I'd borrowed a steady stream of books from our local library and watched countless episodes of Gardening Australia to try to learn as much as I could about growing my own organic vegetables at home...Despite all this, I still couldn't master how to do it... until now..." Lisa - Brisbane

Rachel's Transformation

“I'm a busy working social worker and I had been trying to grow food for about 1.5 years with limited success. I was pretty disheartened. Since doing Sarah's program I've been successful in growing food with multiple harvests for a steady stream of produce" - Rachel


- Online Program - Easy digestible video lessons. Follow-along week by week or complete at your own pace. Practical advice you can action in your garden.

- Watch on all devices and access your program on your laptop, tablet, or phone wherever you have an internet connection. 

- Access to Sarah. She is there to support you every step of the way - you get direct access to her via the private Facebook group for questions as you go through the program. 

- Lifetime access - watch your program whenever you like, as many times as you like. 


Sarah Rani 

Sarah has been inspiring & helping others to grow food for over 7 years through her online programs and social media channels. As seen on Channel 10, The ABC & The Mentor.

One-off Investment of $497 (aud) 

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Not Your Typical Online Growing Course Its Better

- I’ll hold your hand (in an online sense)

This program is like joining me in the garden, with a cuppa or wine (what ever floats your boat) and seeing exactly what Im doing and having me explain why, what and how along the way!

- Start to Finish Process

Instead of watching videos and surface level tutorials you’ll be watching a start to finish process and method that you can either implement along side me, or you can learn and then implement when you are ready

- The Good, the bad and the Ugly

Guess what, this isn’t a cookie cutter program, you are not going to see perfection in this program. You’ll be learning about and seeing every aspect of growing food so you can learn how to mange the bad and the ugly in your garden! You’ll get an inside look into how I manage and deal with Pest's and Disease's in my garden to grow the most food possible!

Learn Sarahs Secrets

Accessing knowledge has never been easier. You’re not getting tips and tricks here. You are getting Sarahs whole method in sequence! You won’t find this program anywhere else.

- Watch on All Devices or via App

Whether you’re at home, on the go or in the garden! You’ll always have access to your lessons via you laptop, tablet or phone!

- Unlimited Access

This isn’t a 8 week or 12 week course. You can access it as many times as you like, whenever you like. Pay once and you get instant access to the program.  A valuable resource you can use time and time again.

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Grow your own incredible food month by month

In the program, Sarah breaks down growing food into clear, easy, actionable steps.  Follow along with Sarah and her process step by step and grow your most abundant veggie garden ever.   You can also watch the entire program in full and then come back to the start to action in your own space when you are ready.  By following Sarah's method you’ll have the knowledge, the process, and the practical skills to grow food, even if you have never tried it before!  It’s a proven method that helps beginners grow food first go!




Learn Sarahs veggie growing secrets

For the last 7 years, Sarah has been on a mission to inspire and help people to grow food at home.  She has published over 1000 pieces of content that have been viewed by tens of millions of people.  She has helped thousands of people to grow food through her ebooks, short courses, and her signature online course.  She has been featured on Channel 10, The ABC, and The Mentor. 

Sarah is passionate about everyone growing food, she believes everyone should grow something. It’s an incredible thing to do for our health, our mental health and the environment, not to mention our taste buds!  Sarah understands how tricky and overly complicated growing food can be and how frustrating is it to fail over and over or to spend money on a garden that doesn’t produce food, so she has created a program to solve it. 

In this course, Sarah teaches you everything she knows about growing food at home. And teaches you the exact way she grows incredible fresh food herself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find the answer to your question? Send me a message on Instagram Titled COURSE and I'll try to answer for you! 

If You’re Like Most People I’ve Helped, Then…..

  •  You’ve tried to grow food for a while with limited success or you’ve never grown food before.
  •  You are confused by all the conflicting information out there.
  •  You dream of picking your own delicious fresh food, but the pests get it before you do!
  •  You find you have nearly lost the motivation to grow after lots of failed attempts.
  •  You find gardening books, and horticultural advice confusing, difficult to understand & actually put into practice.

It's ok, I understand where you're at and I've helped lots of people just like you...

Grow Your Patch is a one off investment of just $497 (aud)

Yes I am In