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Making Beautiful Soil for Happier Plants

Jun 21, 2023

Soil is so confusing if you're a beginner. I know because I was one. 

You won't find confusing, complicated scientific information here. Just straightforward information minus any fluff. This is just the information I think you need to know to get started and take some of the confusion away.

Do you get overwhelmed by the soil aisle at the garden centre? So many different things for sale, but what are they even for and what do you actually need? 


Are your plants often more unhealthy than healthy and you struggle to grow food?  If yes, then these tips should help you on your growing journey because Soil is the secret (or not so secret) sauce for growing food!

If you have been trying to grow food for a while, you've probably heard these common statements

"feed your soil not your plants" or "plant food" "NPK" "synthetic fertilizer" "PH levels" blah blah blah, It gets complicated trying to learn as a beginner. My goal is to simplify it.

Let's keep this super simple.  Soil needs some key things and will differ slightly for what you are growing.  

There are lots of things I have in my soil or add to my soil over time, but it always starts with these three things. So start here. 

  1. Premium Potting Mix or basic Veggie Soil from the landscapers 
  2. High-quality compost - you won't find me buying $3 bags of compost 
  3. Manure - cows my fave and worm poo is incredible!

These three things are a good starting point when starting a new garden bed. (don't try grow carrots though)

There are 3 main things that can go wrong with your soil 

  1. Poor Drainage, waterlogged, clay or compacted soil
  2. The wrong nutrients or unbalance of nutrients 
  3. Dry as a bone, known as hydrophobic, where soil repels water. 

There are other problems that can arise, but these three things are the most common issues. Once you know what issue you are facing you can work on fixing it!  

The 3 MAIN nutrients required to grow food 

  1. Nitrogen - (found in manure - this is why we add poo!) 
  2. Potassium - (found in Compost, wood ash, and other things - This is one reason we add compost)
  3. Phosphorous - (found in manure - like chicken), compost, bone meal

There are lots of micronutrients needed to grow food abundantly but the 3 above are the main ones to get right to start with.  And this is why right at the top I suggested you start with the top 3 things to add. You should get your basics met with just those 3 ingredients (if you opted for a better quality compost)

If you would like to learn some more about the soil in my garden.  

CLICK HERE for my Free 10-page Soil Cheat Sheet

 Happy Gardening,