Worm Farms & Indoor Plants

Jan 03, 2022

When I first got my worm farm it never occurred to me that I could use my worm farm to fertilise my house plants! Not only do I now have free fertiliser for my plants but it's so easy too.  It's a good feeling to know that I’m fertilising my plants with my recycled kitchen scraps, some household, and garden waste rather than buying bottled fertiliser from the shops. Definitely better for the environment.  I’m loving being able to use my worm farm for both my veggie garden and indoor plants.  I admit I am not a houseplant guru, however, I have noticed healthier new growth and a healthier-looking plant in general since using my worm farm as fertiliser.

There are three ways I like to use my worm farm for my indoor plants.

Foliage Spray

I like to use the liquid as a foliage spray.  I’ve seen many people use a spray bottle to spray the leaves of the plants with water, but I occasionally spray mine with diluted worm tea.  This probably sounds complicated but its dead easy!

Firstly I pop a container under the tap of the farm, turn it on and run a couple of litres of water through the farm.  I fill a little spray bottle half up with the tea that comes out of the farm and then top if up with more water.  I like to make sure the colour is like a very weak tea colour. 

Then I just give it a shake and spritz the leaves of my plants, no need to rinse it off.  If you have a well-balanced worm farm, don’t worry your house won’t smell! You could do this each fortnight if you wanted to freshen up the leaves.


Liquid Fertiliser

The second way is to use the worm tea as a liquid feed to the soil.  I only do this every couple of months, not on a regular bases. You can collect the worm tea in a bucket by running a hose through the farm and turning the tap on.  I don’t mind if my worm tea is a little darker when applying to the soil, but I still make sure it's diluted to the point of looking like a weakened black tea. I give my plants a good drink with it until the water runs out the bottom of the pot.  I have seen an increase in new leaf production on my houseplants, by using the worm tea as fertliser.


Adding Worm Castings (poo)

I have on the rare occasion added a small handful of worm castings to the base of the plant.  I collect a small handful of castings from the farm by putting the casting tray into the sunlight, which forces the worms to bury down out of the light, I scoop a small amount from the top and use it to sprinkle around the base of the plant onto the soil and water it in. Don’t worry your house won’t smell like poo, worm castings barely have a smell to them at all, in saying this it is probably my least preferred way to fertilise my indoor plants because you risk putting baby worms into your indoor plants.   I personally think the option of doing a liquid feed is the best way to go and it works really well. 

I always thought that indoor plants didn’t like fertiliser and was scared to over fertilise my plants. I haven’t found that to be the case, the plants definitely like the fertiliser from my worm farm and I will continue to use it on my indoor plants to help give them an added boost.

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Happy Gardening,